Real time health screening now available

2020-05-29T08:32:37+00:00 May 29th, 2020|Safety|

Rescompany (Resco) has unveiled technology to offer advanced real-time health screening.

Given the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the cruise industry, every operator will need to introduce new policies and procedures to restore the confidence of both guests and crew alike, the company said.

Beginning at home, a web portal for guests allows a smooth pre-cruise registration, initial medical screening, survey’s and document updating. Resco’s mobile apps can be used for the guest ground transfer process, embarkation and continuing throughout the entire cruise.

The solutions allow any data to flow seamlessly and securely to shoreside offices or authorities when required, the company claimed.

Using thermal imaging cameras on board coupled with powerful facial recognition software, the system repeatedly scans passengers and crew members, as they pass through key checkpoints (eg, pre-arrival, transfers, the cruise terminal, gangway, lobby, safety areas, outlets, restaurants, crew areas, crew mess, etc) and records their body temperatures.

This information can be analysed by medical staff later, Resco said.

In addition, and while maintaining privacy, ship’s crew will be alerted whenever a temperature measurement exceeds pre-defined thresholds, ensuring that swift action can be taken to address potential health issues.

At check-in, the thermal screening system monitors the people flow by taking and recording each guest’s temperature, with no reduction in embarkation throughput thanks to real-time data processing and the elimination of manual close-distance measurements.

The system is accurate to ±0.3 deg C and the facial recognition algorithms can identify an individual even when a protective face mask is worn. The automation minimises human error, and with contactless temperature readings the risk of cross-infection is effectively removed, Resco claimed.