RCI suspends Indian crew movements

2021-04-29T19:50:43+00:00 April 29th, 2021|Safety|

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has suspended incoming crew movements from India with immediate effect, according to the Crew Centre.

The company has decided to temporary cancel all assignments for shipboard employees from India or people who reside in the country.

According to a letter sent to the crew, this decision is based on various reasons and related to recently announced travel restrictions and complexities with crew movement to and from India.

“It’s always unfortunate when we must cancel assignments but we believe this is a prudent decision at this time. We know how much our crew look forward to returning to work after waiting for so long. We also understand how tough it can be to have to make last minute travel changes. It’s not the way that we want to operate, but it is the reality of the quick changes we need to make based on different reasons that are often unplanned and beyond our direct control.” Royal Caribbean International said in the letter.

According to Crew Centre, around 300 Indian crew members assigned to join ‘Anthem of the Seas’ on 3rd May, were cancelled. In addition, Indian crew were supposed to join ‘Adventure of the Seas’ (pictured). Some of them had already arrived in St Marten and will not be allowed to embar, said one crew member.

“Those crew members who are currently at hotels pending joining a ship or are currently en route (already flying) will be notified and accommodation will be provided under quarantine guidelines until further notice. They will be kept informed by the HR ops team as needed,” RCI said.