Providing VSAT services for cruise ships around Indian waters

2019-09-29T17:24:12+00:00 September 29th, 2019|Technology|

Speedcast International and India’s VSAT service provider Nelco Limited, a Tata Enterprise, were awarded a contract to deliver satellite communications on board an Indian Cruise line vessel catering to the domestic and international cruise markets.

The cruise ship will sail initially in India before proceeding to the Middle East. She will be fitted with Ku-band connectivity, as a result of the recent partnership agreement between Speedcast and Nelco.

“The Indian Cruise market is growing at a rapid rate and we are proud to have the global reach and strategic partnership with Nelco, to be the first provider of seamless connectivity for ships entering and exiting Indian waters,” said Brent Horwitz, Speedcast’s SVP of Cruise and Ferry. “The challenge of maintaining uninterrupted communications in that region has always been one of our customers’ key pain points.

Our unique proposition to supply reliable communication solutions to ships sailing in and out of Indian waters fits Indian Cruise operators’ connectivity needs very well. We expect more ships will sign up for our services, as there is a high demand for truly global and reliable broadband service on board.”

“We are excited that this leading Indian cruise line has awarded Speedcast and Nelco the contract to deliver seamless global communications service,” said Nelco Managing Director & CEO, PJ Nath. “We see the partnership with Speedcast as a big growth opportunity for Nelco and look forward to working with them to grow this business for both companies in the region.”