PONANT trials Altens biodiesel

2023-09-29T10:33:46+00:00 September 29th, 2023|Environment|

PONANT’s expedition cruise ship, ‘Le Champlain, recently bunkered biodiesel B100.

This fuel was 100% produced from recycled cooking oil and was supplied by French producer, Altens.

It was pumped on board during the vessel’s technical stop at Cherbourg last month.

As the first French cruise line to test this new generation of biofuels, PONANT said it continued to progress its sustainability and de-carbonisation strategy, in particular its commitment to reducing its CO2 emissions by 30% per navigation day by 2030.

“This first marine biofuel test is part of our roadmap as their carbon footprint is infinitely lower than conventional fuels, with a 90% reduction of CO2 emissions.

“They (the biofuels) are produced from used cooking oils, can be incorporated directly into engines and are available now. We want to help demonstrate that it is a credible alternative that can contribute to de-carbonising PONANT’s fleet and the entire maritime industry,” explained Mathieu Petiteau, PONANT’s Newbuilding and R&D Director.