P&O Ferries completes revenue management upgrade

2018-10-28T22:23:06+00:00 October 28th, 2018|Technology|

RTS revenue management (RM) solution, Velocity, became operable on 3rd October at P&O Ferries.

The company’s latest profit optimisation solution provides an extensive business intelligence component and supports improved demand forecasting management and optimal space mix of passengers, vehicles, and cabins on P&O’s overnight North Sea, Irish Sea and Short Sea (Dover/Calais) routes.

Simon King, P&O Ferries’ Head of Planning and RM, said, “At P&O ferries we are undertaking a long term system upgrade project. Within the scope of this project was an upgrade to our RM system, when considering our options our 20-year partnership with RTS, and the relationship that we have built up with our contacts in the company, was as important as the product itself. This made the implementation process much more straightforward, we had great support from Patrick (Allen) at RTS, and there were no major surprises, despite us challenging RTS with some bespoke hosting arrangements.

“We are just at the start of a long journey in developing our RM and pricing solutions, and will be challenging RTS further in the future, we are confident the people and the products at RTS are up to meeting the challenge,” he said.

Patrick Allen, who oversaw the project for RTS, added, “We are extremely pleased with how smoothly the project was delivered, especially as this was the first implementation with Microsoft Azure for both P&O and RTS.

“P&O Ferries has been an RTS client since 1998 and the upgrade to our latest product will provide new and enhanced functionality and flexibility that can be jointly exploited with P&O’s upgraded booking system. RTS is excited by the opportunity to explore and unlock the potential of these combined changes, and extend our partnership working closely with P&O Ferries to support their RM vision for future through further project phases,” he said.