Plibrico partners with NMBS

2018-04-15T07:24:44+00:00 April 15th, 2018|Technology|

Plibrico, involved in monolithic refractories, and maritime repair specialist Nordic Made Boiler Services (NMBS), have signed a global partnership to deliver retrofit supplies and services to the world’s cruise ship operators.

With the partnership, NMBS will use Plibrico’s patented Plico brand refractories in the retrofitting of cruise ship boilers and waste incinerators.

“Partnering with Nordic Made Boiler Services, enables Plibrico to help improve maritime operations the world over reducing cruise ship costs and their energy consumption,” said Brad Taylor, President & CEO of Plibrico. “Combining our refractories with NMBS’s retrofit solutions means that together we can extend the reach of our most advanced heat treatment technology.”

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), during a single day the average cruise ship uses 170,000 gallons of water for showers, sinks and laundry, underscoring the importance of proper boiler operations.

Since 2011, NMBS has supplied the maritime industry with boiler parts, field service and technical teams to ensure reliable, energy-efficient operation in all major vessel categories.

Equally as important as water, is the disposal of waste. A cruise ship can generate up to 10 tonnes of waste every 24 hours that must be disposed of. While some of the waste is recycled, processed or offloaded, paper and other materials are burned in on board incinerators with the heat used as a renewable source of hot water. As with the boilers, NMBS will use Plico refractories in the refurbishing of incinerators.

NMBS will be the exclusive distributor for Plico materials in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Holland, and Belgium. It will also be joining the Plibrico patented PliPartner network of certified installation and repair companies, giving  NMBS full access to Plibrico’s engineering services and will receive collaborative assistance in materials specification.