PEMA installs new panel line at Fincantieri’s Marghera Shipyard

2019-05-20T08:03:13+00:00 May 20th, 2019|Technology|

Pemamek recently received a significant order from Fincantieri to fit automation technology at the Marghera shipyard, near Venice.

Based on earlier successful deliveries to the company’s other shipyards, Fincantieri decided to re-invest in PEMA automation technology.

Previously Pemamek has supplied PEMA robot welding stations, laser-hybrid one-sided welding station, profile processing line and another complete flat-panel line to Fincantieri’s shipyards.

For Marghera, Pemamek will deliver an advanced PEMA laser-hybrid thin plate flat-panel line. The line, totaling 300 m in length, includes one-sided welding, milling station, and profile assembling and welding stations both with laser-hybrid welding process, profile processing line, panel trimming station and several robotic welding systems to weld T-beams onto the panels.

The company’s turnkey delivery will also include installation and commissioning, testing, training, production support and recommended spare parts.

A comprehensive preventive maintenance agreement package will also be agreed during the project’s execution.

Itwill be customised to Fincantieri’s need to build high-quality cruise ship panels and blocks. Due to minimised distortion on produced panels, Fincantieri will be able to fabricate panels with better quality and productivity, the company claimed.

The entire line’s automation level is optimised in order to achieve high capacity with less manpower involved.

The complete PEMA laser-hybrid thin plate panel line will be delivered in 2020.