Norway- the first of ICSI’s country reports

2022-01-27T08:53:58+00:00 January 27th, 2022|Marketing|

Norway is home to several World Heritage fjords, the most famous of which is Geirangerfjord, which contains the Severn Sisters waterfall and attractive town at the head of the fjord.

In order to keep these very popular scenic attractions as pristine as possible, ships’ emissions are to be banned, while the Norwegian Government is due to release a report next month regarding vessel movements in and around the fjords.

Norway is also home to some innovative equipment suppliers, plus smaller cruise ship builders and designers.

These were the main themes to come out of International Cruise Ship Industry’s (ICSI) first country report.

In the coming months, we will be covering the cruise industries in Germany (June), the US (September) and finally, the UK in December.

This year should see the cruise industry return to something like normality, albeit with a few more regulations in place.

The sector is also working towards more environmentally friendly operations for the passengers, crew and the ships themselves.

For example to curb emissions, LNG as a fuel seems to be the favourite for larger ships, while hybrid battery powered ships are entering service at the smaller end of the scale.

All of these initiatives will be highlighted within the country reports, as can be seen with the Norway edition.