New Nacos Platinum radar system

2018-09-15T09:57:20+00:00 September 15th, 2018|Technology|

Wärtsilä has introduced a new Nacos Platinum solid state S-Band radar system.

Wärtsilä’s Nacos Platinum radar systems are an integral part of the company’s navigation offering. They have particularly strong market penetration in the cruise, ferry, and luxury yacht segments.

The solid state system is expected to enhance this market position even further. The first units are scheduled for delivery in mid-2019.

This new generation marine radar offering promotes safety via optimised target detection, regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions. Furthermore, the compact design enhances system reliability, while the elimination of a magnetron creates a significant reduction in maintenance costs compared to conventional radar systems, the company claimed.

“Wärtsilä’s smart marine vision is to utilise the latest technologies, together with high levels of digitalisation and connectivity, to ensure even greater efficiencies and added safety. We see this as being essential to ensure sustainable profitability for our customers’ operations. The new solid state S-Band radar system is entirely in line with this thinking,” said Eberhard Maass, Product Manager, Navigation Systems, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.