New large bore engine to be fitted on cruise ship

2022-04-28T13:55:07+00:00 April 28th, 2022|Technology|

Wärtsilä has launched the latest addition in its multi-fuel engine portfolio.

The Wärtsilä 46TS-DF engine is designed with a focus on efficiency, environmental performance and fuel flexibility. In gas fuel mode, the engine has the highest efficiency thus far achieved in the medium-speed engine market, the company claimed.

The first order received for this engine type was placed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique for Royal Caribbean Cruises in April, 2021.

The engines will be installed on the Oasis class ship ‘Utopia of the Seas’. The ship is being built Chantiers de l’Atlantique and will feature six Wärtsilä 46TS-DF engines with gas valve unitsNOx reducer SCR systemsLNGPac and transverse thrusters.

“Cutting-edge efficiency and leading environmental performance are crucial factors when designing our new ships,” said Harri Kulovaara, Executive Vice President, Newbuilding and Innovation, Royal Caribbean Group. “We were delighted to work with Wärtsilä – as well as with the shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique – from an early stage in development to make sure these engines are the ideal fit to power the latest addition to our fleet while advancing our sustainability journey.”

The Wärtsilä 46TS-DF has a 2-stage turbocharging to deliver high levels of efficiency and power density across a wide operational range for all types of vessels.

This level of efficiency reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions, while being easily retrofitable for future carbon-neutral and carbon-free fuels, as they become widely available.

“The maritime sector is having to adapt to the transitional effects caused by the need to meet de-carbonisation goals within a relatively short period of time,” said Stefan Nysjö, Vice President, Power Supply, Wärtsilä Marine Power. “This new engine launch provides an important boost towards achieving those goals. It delivers the power to change by setting a new benchmark for greater sustainability through high efficiency, emissions performance, and fuel flexibility.”

Development of the Wärtsilä 46TS-DF engine was based on the experience gained from the company’s Wärtsilä 46, 46F, and 50 engine families. It is available in 6 to 16-cylinder configurations, corresponding to a power output range of 7.8 to 20.8 MW at 600 rpm.

It features an intrinsically modular design, which simplifies upgradability and modifications for alternative future fuels.

The dual-fuel engine can run on LNG, which dramatically reduces air pollutants, as well as offering a viable platform for further de-carbonisation through the use of bio- or synthetic methane in the future, Wärtsilä said.