New La Spezia cruise pier gets go ahead

2023-12-14T21:36:21+00:00 December 14th, 2023|Ports|

A tender contract for the construction of a new cruise pier on Calata Paita at La Spezia was formally signed recently.

It was signed by the President of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, Mario Sommariva and by Eng Davide Adreani, representing the consortium awarded the contract, which included Fincosit (agent), RCM Costruzioni (principal) and Agnese Costruzioni (principal).

The procurement contract’s amount is €47,894,834.75, plus €542,461.80 for security charges not subject to any reduction.

The contract is co-financed by the PNRR complementary fund and the expected duration of the construction work is 710 days.

Sommariva said: “A new page is starting for the future of the city and the port.”

The new pier is essential for strengthening La Spezia’s cruise offering and is included in a more general redevelopment and conversion of use project of the La Spezia waterfront in the first port basin.

This is due to the growing and consolidated interest being shown towards the port of La Spezia by the major cruise operators (Costa, Royal Caribbean, MSC, etc).

It involves the construction of a new open quay structure, facing a multi-functional square to act as an interchange hub between ship and land; the square will be utilised initially for the primary disembarkation functions (together with the current cruise terminal), and will then become the base on which to build a large part of the new Maritime Station.

The cruise pier, with a trapezoidal planimetric shape and a surface area of 16,900 sq m, will take the form of an open deck on cellular caissons and involves the construction of two quays measuring 393 and 339 m in length each for the berthing of two latest generation cruise ships simultaneously, which will be powered by cold ironing.

Sommariva added: “This is a fundamental work for the development of cruise traffic in the port of La Spezia, partly financed with the Complementary Fund to the PNRR, but it is, above all, the work that will trigger the overall development of the port according to the lines traced by the current Master Plan – Cruise Pier, New Ravano Terminal, expansion of the Gulf Terminal, new Calata Paita Waterfront and the completion of the railway works and the new buffer zone.

“These works, which will be carried out according to practically contextual time scales, represent the completion of a strategic plan which will ensure, as a whole, industrial/logistic development, tourism development and a new structure of relations between port and city in the name of recovering the usability of new urban spaces for citizens.

The signing of this contract therefore begins a new phase for the future of the city and the port,” he stressed.