New ballast water treatment systems from BIO UV

2021-07-13T19:48:59+00:00 July 13th, 2021|Technology|

Although probably too big for the average cruise ship, BIO UV Group has unveiled a new series of BIO-SEA ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

These are compatible with flow rate requirements of more than 2,100 cu m per hour.

The M-series BWTS incorporate a new reactor arrangement designed to increase the flow rate capacity of existing technology without the need for any manifolds.

Speaking in an online event marking the official introduction of the M-Series, Xavier Deval, Business Director – BIO-SEA, BIO-UV Group, explained that while the new version is based on the same technology as previous BIO-SEA systems, it is the development of the ‘M’ reactor that has allowed the company to advance the product.

“For a 300 cu m per hour capacity system, we can treat the volume with just one two-lamp M02 reactor. For a flow rate of 1,040 cu m, one seven-lamp M07 reactor would do the job, while a pair of these will be able to deal with 2,100 cu m. With the installation of additional reactors, a maximum flow-rate capacity of 4,000 cu m per hour can, theoretically, be achieved.”

A range of ‘M’ reactors have been designed for different capacity requirements, ranging from 190 cu m to 2,100 cu m per hour flow rates.

All environmental testing and UV dosage tests have been undertaken with DNV supervision. IMO and USCG certification documents are imminent, the company said.

Several hundred BIO-SEA installations are currently operating worldwide on a wide range of vessel types, including cruise ships and passenger ferries.

The company has seen considerable success in the cruise and ferry market in the past few years. Notable systems fitted thus far include:

*17 Grimaldi ropaxes and ro-ros (B series 250-450 cu m/hr).

*Three Brittany Ferries ropaxes (250-340 cu m/hr).

*Four Corsica Line/Corsica Ferries ropaxes (190-600 cu m/hr).

*Two La Meridionale ropaxes (skid mounted 400 cu m/hr).

*Nine MSC cruise ships (skid mounted 300 cu m/hr).

*Columbia (Hapag-Lloyd) (B series 85 cu m/hr).

*Four ‘Celebrity Edge’ series cruise ships (skid mounted 250 cu m/hr).

Deval told ICSI that the MSC orders covered the ‘Meraviglia’ and the ‘Europa’ series of cruise ships.