MSC installs new management software on board

2021-08-12T18:04:09+00:00 August 12th, 2021|Technology|

MSC Cruises has introduced a new shipboard property management system to create a seamless link between its shoreside operations and entire fleet of ships.

The software is aimed at improving internal efficiencies, tailor guest services and digitalise information for crew. It also brings benefits through increased flexibility and automation with a cloud platform that enables a global configuration across the MSC Cruises fleet and throughout a range of different departments.

Developed by Hamburg-based Otalio, the cloud-based software was introduced on board ‘MSC Virtuosa’, the company’s flagship and first deepsea cruise liner in 15 months to sail in British waters on her maiden season, which started in the UK in May.

The software provides scalability and flexibility so that many administrative tasks can now be performed by shoreside teams to bring new opportunities for fleet management.

Crew on board can centralise all guest information in one place, such as purchase preferences, complaint tracking and Voyagers Club member status. Crew will also benefit from real-time updates from ashore, as well as options to digitalise processes such as housekeeping rotas and menu pricing.

Daniele Buonaiuto, MSC Cruises CIO, said, “This promises to be a win-win scenario whereby the Otalio technology will improve the overall guest experience and make life easier for our crew on board.

“Getting Otalio ready to launch across our fleet was a huge undertaking and involved a team of 500 dedicated individuals both on board and ashore, the biggest ever collaboration at MSC Cruises. The end result was worth the endeavour and is truly change-management at its very best,” he said.

Tony Heuer, Otalio Managing Director, added: “Having our latest product now in operation it’s a dream come true and we couldn’t be more excited to see it going live. It’s a great achievement for the entire Otalio team to develop an on board solution that covers all aspects related to guests and crew management, suitable to support larger contemporary cruise ships, as well as smaller luxury vessels.

“Thanks to the cutting-edge architecture of our system, structured around the unique complexity a cruise ship environment has, many administrative tasks can now be performed by shoreside teams, bringing new opportunities into fleet management all together,’’ he said.

“We want to thank the MSC Cruises team for their trust and cooperation during these last two and half years of intense effort. All of this could have not been possible without the commitment and support of their entire organization, both ashore and onboard.”