More layoffs and furloughs announced

2020-05-29T08:17:24+00:00 May 29th, 2020|Marketing|

As part of cost saving measures, on 15th May, Lindblad Expeditions, furloughed about 130 employees, while 55 others  received a reduction in workload of at least 50%.

Furloughed employees will continue to be provided with health care benefits through at least 30th September, 2020, with the company paying 100% of the premiums applicable to such employees, Lindblad said.

As these furloughs and workload reductions are related to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business, the company said that it anticipated that furloughed and reduced workload employees will be eligible for unemployment compensation, subject to applicable federal and state laws. In addition, all remaining employees received a salary reduction of 15-20%. For example, CEO Sven Lindblad (pictured) will forego 100% of his salary during the crisis.

In another move, according to a filing with the state of Florida, MSC Cruises USA has furloughed 128 employees, citing the COVID-19 crisis.

These furloughs include 55 cruise consultants, 10 home-based cruise consultants, five contact centre supervisors, eight group advocates and various other employees.

MSC has four ships based in the US and was aiming to increase its market share. The ‘MSC Seaside’, ‘Armonia’, ‘Divina’ and ‘Meraviglia’ served the US market before the pandemic.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has made adjustments to its Miami staff laying off 521 employees, according to another document filed with the state of Florida citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Layoffs began on 24th April and will be completed by 1st July, RCL said.

According to the filing, among the cuts are 22 assistant project managers, 15 buyers for technical projects, four associate vice presidents, 15 secretaries and four vice president titles.