Meyer implements Cadmatic software

2018-08-29T13:58:51+00:00 August 29th, 2018|Technology|

German shipbuilder Meyer is boosting and harmonising the outfitting design and construction of its cruise vessels by using Cadmatic software.

The software package is being expanded at its shipyards in Finland and being introducing in the German yards.

Meyer has acquired Cadmatic’s design and information management software for all three its shipyards – Papenburg plus Rostock in Germany and Turku, Finland.

The investment is aimed at shortening lead-times in design and construction, improve the quality of design, and harmonise the company’s methods of working across the shipyards and the sub-contractors.

“After technically evaluating for more than a year, we are convinced that Cadmatic outfitting design and data management software is the best choice for our complex and extreme scale cruise ship projects. Decisive was also that the Cadmatic team convinced us with their good and close collaboration.

“Our partnership with Cadmatic will be a key element in our journey to the next level of digitalisation – made in Turku and Papenburg,”said Meyer Turku CEO, Jan Meyer. (pitcured,Left to right: Jukka Rantala and Jan Meyer (Image: CADMATIC)).

The design and construction of a cruise ship is an extremely complex process that requires the integration of multiple design & production disciplines, plus the shipowner and many suppliers. T

These projects also stand out due to their large scale that requires the design, management and production of tens of millions of parts. Cadmatic’s software is an important element to streamline the process from design to production and seamlessly integrates multiple parties into one project and one database.

“We are excited about being part of Meyer’s development in Finland and Germany and throughout their extensive shipbuilding network in the whole of Europe. Both companies are significant innovators and forerunners in their own business fields,”said Cadmatic CEO, Jukka Rantala.