Meyer Group buys into C-Job Naval Architects

2023-11-14T21:44:13+00:00 November 14th, 2023|Marketing|

Germany’s cruise shipbuilder, Meyer Group has taken a 50% stake in Netherlands-based C-Job Naval Architects, a ship design and engineering company.

With three shipyards, two in Germany and one in Finland, Meyer said that this move solidifies its focus on sustainable solutions and allows it to diversify its portfolio.

It has recently expanded its operations by creating Meyer Re, which offers shipping companies solutions to maximise their vessel’s sustainability, ideally throughout their lifecycle from development and build to supporting them through their operating lives and finally end-of-life recycling.

C-Job Naval Architects’ expertise is in sustainability in the maritime industry, having been involved in alternative fuels research.

It was claimed to be the first company to prove ammonia can be applied safely as a marine fuel, became involved with other renewable fuels, such as methanol and last year unveiled its concept for a new class of liquid hydrogen tanker powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

In addition, the company has a strong track record in ferries.

The tie-up will allow Meyer Group to utilise C-Job’s knowledge of and experience in applying renewable fuels to its portfolio, focusing on cruise vessels in particular – which in turn diversifies C-Job’s own portfolio.

Job Volwater, CEO and co-founder of C-Job Naval Architects, said: “We started C-Job in 2007 and we have been making waves ever since. We haven’t been afraid to do things a bit differently, which has led to our successes.

“In Meyer Group, we have found a partner who aligns with our values and culture, making our partnership a natural fit. I’m proud Meyer and C-Job have combined forces and I am certain this union will fortify our position in both the Netherlands and internationally even more,” he said.

Basjan Faber, CFO and co-founder of C-Job Naval Architects, added: “In 2020 we vocalised our vision for a sustainable maritime industry within one generation. In Meyer, we have found a like-minded organisation that shares this vision and wants to achieve this together.

“I have no doubt we will do great things together that complement and continue to build on what C-Job has achieved so far,” he said.

Malte Poelmann, Meyer Group CTO, commented: “C-Job and Meyer share the common vision to make shipping sustainable in the near future! We always want to offer the best and tailor-made engineering solutions, both for newbuilds and for the transformation of the existing fleet, together with Meyer Re.

“As strategic partners, we will be able to push the boundaries for sustainable solutions in the maritime industry,” he said.