MarineXChange continues to update COVID-19 software

2021-01-11T21:33:08+00:00 January 11th, 2021|Safety|

While increasing safety on board for guests and crew members, MarineXChange’s MXP Protect software aims to increase efficiency and thereby, lower costs for cruise lines.

New features, such as the registration of vaccinations and COVID-19 test results facilitate and speed up the registration process for both guests and crew members. Digital menus will permit savings in personnel resources while at the same time enable contactless working.

MXP Protect Thermal Imaging and Facial Recognition kiosk licenses are available for free. Synchronisation of guest and crew data is compatible with all commonly used PMS systems.

When the MXP Protect application suite was launched in May 2020, several cruise lines started to implement the software.

For example, TUI Cruises has been instrumental in enhancing functionality of MXP Project solutions. Site management was added to the biometric kiosks, a new mobile logging app was created, capacity management for restaurants and bars was introduced, tracing data points were added, and the digital health questionnaire, already available in the MXP mobile check-in app, was incorporated with pre-cruise check-in.

In addition, Aida Cruises uses the mobile POS and mobile waiter order apps for fully contactless operations in the bars, restaurants, and shops.

New functionalities were also added to the MXP Restaurant Reservation app and API. Since table layout changed in many restaurants, the MXP mobile restaurant app simplifies combining or changing tables ad-hoc during a meal. Pre-cruise, the API enables automatic table assignment with load balancing across waiter stations and controls capacities. During the cruise, the API extends the same functionality to the guest’s BYOD mobile app, digital signage and iTV. All reservation data automatically replicates between the office and ships.

This solution is fully integrated with the MXP mobile waiter order and mobile POS applications. One cruise line will be using the biometric kiosk at the head office for shoreside employees, interfacing with the office enterprise version of MXP.

MXP Protect is an array of software features that was developed by MarineXchange in response to COVID-19. It includes many functions to respond to the new operational challenges, including capacity controls, contact tracing, as well as special reporting and auto-notifications.

Moreover, it offers comprehensive mobile apps to facilitate the handling of new procedures and to enable contactless working in the best possible way, the company said.