‘Margarita Salas’ to enter service next month

2024-06-14T21:50:41+00:00 June 14th, 2024|Technology|

Spanish ferry company, Balearia expects to add a new dual gas engines catamaran ropax, which will connect Mallorca, Menorca and Barcelona all year round, at the beginning of July.

The €126 mill ‘Margarita Salas’, which will reach a speed of 35 knots, has a capacity for 1,200 pax and 450 vehicles.

She has carried out her first navigation trials, which form part of the final phase of the ship’s construction.

‘Margarita Salas’ is the second fast ferry with dual natural gas engines in the world that was built at Gijon’s Armón shipyard.

This ship stands out for its sustainability when sailing on natural gas and also for the comfort and features on board.

She differs from her twin ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’ in that she has a second passenger deck with a seating area, resulting in the  interior spaces being more spacious.

In addition, the aft terrace is larger and a more comfortable seating model is included in the VIP lounge.

The interior design and digitalised services are focused on guaranteeing a unique on board experience.

For example, passengers will be able to travel in different accommodation and enjoy services, such as a cafeteria, shop, children’s area with interactive games, internet access and free instant messaging coverage throughout the journey, a digital boarding pass with a seat number assignment, free entertainment platform or air-conditioned pet area with video surveillance.

‘Margarita Salas’ has the same dimensions as her predecessor (123 m long and 28 m wide) but has 10% more power thanks to its four dual 9,600 kW natural gas engines.

Like the ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’, she has two azimuth propellers to improve manoeuvrability when docking, a stabiliser system that reduces movement and improves comfort, and technological innovations to minimise vibrations and noise.

In addition, it has an onshore power supply system for electrical connection to the shore during her stay in port and measuring equipment to monitor actual fuel consumption or calculate engine efficiency, among other features.

She also has two natural gas tanks, which provide a range of around 470 miles sailing on gas, and a total range of 1,000 miles on normal fuels.