Le Havre to get shore power connections

2021-10-14T20:21:59+00:00 October 14th, 2021|Environment|

Haropa Port, which manages the Seine region ports, has started a project to enable cruise ships to connect to a land-based electricity supply during their calls at Le Havre.

Hangar 13 on the Pointe de Floride will be redeveloped to house high-voltage distribution equipment along with conversion systems to adjust quayside supply to the needs of ships.

A network of underground cables will be laid to take the power to the ships, each weighing 15 kg and providing five connection points on articulated arms to supply the vessels, irrespective of their location along the cruise terminal’s three quays.

Connection to the public grid, a key component of the system, will entail major construction work requiring extensive collaboration: the laying of the three high-voltage cables over 3 km and the installation of a 40 MW transformer at the source substation.

This work is being undertaken under a project management contract by Enedis, which is responsible for managing the national electricity grid and will be completed next year.

Electrification of Pierre Callet quay will be completed for the 2023 season and represents the first phase of a large-scale project. The Joannès Couvert and Roger Meunier quays will offer the same solution for cruise seasons 2024 and 2025, respectively.

An investment of €20 mill has been earmarked for this project, which also benefits from €11.1 mill in support from the French Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan, plus a contribution of €0.9 mill under the Territorial Pact for Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Haropa Port will be the first Northern European port to be able to supply 30 MW to cruise ships.

Electrification of the Port 2000 quays will also be undertaken during the period to 2028, following the protocol of agreement signed on 21st June 2021 between the five Northern Range ports – Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Haropa Port.