IPCO wins more orders

2019-05-27T15:48:09+00:00 May 27th, 2019|Technology|

IPCO Power has received orders to equip ‘Sea Princess’, ‘Enchanted Princess’ and ‘Pacific Explorer’ with its water fuel emulsion (WFE) system – FID Injector.

Each fuel module with scrubbers will be equipped with WFE technology to reduce particulate matter (PM) and soot emissions.

“We are happy to not only retrofit vessels, but also install on newbuilds,” said Bart Sluimer, General Manager, IPCO Power.

With the upcoming sulfur cap, there is more interest in scrubber systems. Most of the scrubbers consist of a wet package to remove the SOx from the emissions and a dry package to remove PM.

A FID Injector can be used as a pre-treatment system on board. The water in fuel emulsion created with the use of a homogeniser will create a better combustion. With this cleaner and better combustion the fuel consumption and engine’s emissions will be reduced, the company claimed. Cleaner combustion will result in cleaner wash water.

With the FID Injector, the PM and soot will be reduced by 60 – 90%. The confirmed fuel saving of 2% together with a 10 – 20% NOx reduction, are also major benefits, IPCO said.