Holyhead to handle more cruise ships

2022-09-28T18:21:58+00:00 September 28th, 2022|Ports|

Stena Line Ports claimed that over 55,000 cruise passengers will visit North Wales this year.

In addition, the reopening of the deepwater berth will bring the potential for many more in 2023.

Thus far in 2022, Holyhead Port has hosted 37 visits by cruise liners, with over 55,000 cruise passengers, providing a significant boost to Welsh tourist sector and economy.

However, this year they had anchor in the bay and transport passengers ashore in small craft.

Stena Line Ports announced that in 2023, cruise liners will again be able to berth in the port. This is being made possible by the announcement of an agreement to buy the former aluminium site in Holyhead, that also includes the multi-purpose deepwater terminal.

This will now allow the company the ability to open the berth for cruise liners after a four-year hiatus during the pandemic.

The jetty was previously owned by a manufacturing company based in the port, with cruise dockings being allowed under licence.

Now with the jetty, under the full control of Stena Line Ports, will be recommissioned with the potential to cater for even more cruise passengers than before.

Commenting on the expansion of the company’s facilities at Holyhead Port, Ian Davies, Head of UK Port Authorities and Stena Line Ports (pictured), said: “The new deepwater jetty will provide an excellent option for cruise operators that plan on providing their passengers with the opportunity to explore the fabulous Welsh coastline and Snowdonia National Park next year.

“We look forward to returning to pre-pandemic levels when the jetty was last in operation with 52 cruise ships calling into the port in 2018, providing passengers with the ability to use Holyhead as convenient base to explore this picturesque part of the country,” he said.

In the coming months Stena Line Ports will advise when the facility is to re-open. All cruise vessels have made current anchor/tender bookings will be offered the opportunity to switch to the berth.