Høglund is to deliver biogas-ready fuel-gas supply systems

2019-03-31T20:05:04+00:00 March 31st, 2019|Technology|
Høglund is to deliver biogas-ready fuel-gas supply systems (FGSS) for six Hurtigruten passenger ship retrofits.

The company will work together with HB Hunte Engineering to design and engineer fully customised tank and FGSS solutions for each of the six vessels, optimised to run on both LNG and liquefied biogas (LBG).

Hurtigruten will use Høglund and HB Hunte’s tailored FGSS solutions together with large battery packs onboard its vessels, replacing the older engines, which run on marine gas oil.

Høglund will provide a customised and integrated FGSS solution, including process design and related automation. HB Hunte will provide mechanical gas engineering and gas tank design. The contract will also include overall project management and 24/7 after-care support.

This will be the first time a large passenger vessel has been converted to run on LBG – a fossil-free, renewable gas produced from organic waste, such as food waste – including, notably – rotting fish.


The difficulty of converting an existing passenger vessel and meeting the necessary safety requirements for tank placement demands highly specialised design and engineering, the company said.

Peter Morsbach, Director Projects, Høglund Gas Solutions, said:“We are tremendously excited to be involved in such a forward-looking project, which will undoubtedly set a new benchmark for low-carbon emissions in the rapidly evolving cruise sector.

“With 25 years of experience in the field of marine automation and system integration, Høglund has an unrivalled track record in creating gas control and safety solutions, and has already proven itself adept in creating systems that can keep pace with the rapid development of the LNG-fuelled fleet.

“However, as the global fleet continues to grow and diversify, industry-wide collaboration will be vital in delivering the gas solutions required to provide safety and reliability in the long term. This project is a perfect example of the challenges the change in the sector presents. HB Hunte’s unique skill set and experience in the field of mechanical and detail gas engineering will help us to turn our bespoke concepts into tangible solutions, customised to meet the exact needs of our client.

“Hurtigruten’s commitment to the environment and the long-term prosperity of the cruise sector marries well with Høglund’s own vision and values, and we look forward to supporting them in their ambition to become the world’s greenest cruise company,” he said.

Frerk Brand, Managing Director, HB Hunte, added:“When it comes to retrofitting, a passenger ship is fundamentally different to any other vessel,mostly because of the size and complexity of their design.

“Due to the number of people onboard, a strong focus on safety will be vital throughout this project, as will the ability to work quickly and efficiently as any retrofit involves taking the ship temporarily out of service. All of this takes a tremendous amount of skill and dedication.

“Our partnership with Høglund will allow us to not only overcome these challenges, but to build something that is truly unique and built to last. We created an optimised tank design for the series of six vessels, combining state-of-the-art technology with an innovative shape including proven reliability and safety specifically designed for Hurtigruten’s fleet of ships,” he concluded.