Høglund helps upgrade ‘Color Fantasy’

2024-03-15T18:18:37+00:00 March 15th, 2024|Refurbishment|

Norwegian engineering company Høglund has undertaken an all-inclusive retrofit of ‘Color Fantasy’, the world’s largest cruise ferry fitted with a car deck.

This project, carried out between 8th and 30th January at Fayard in Denmark, involved 25 Høglund experts at various stages, collaborating closely with the Polish partner, Remontowa, who provided 12 electricians for cabling support.

The 22-day retrofit, a complex turnkey operation conducted while the vessel was drydocked, included Høglund’s alarm & monitoring system, automation & control system, power management system (PMS), and ship performance monitor (SPM), which aimed to enhance the large ropaxes  operational efficiency and safety.

“This was a big project, one of the biggest we ever had,” said Morten Madsen, Høglund Project Manager.

“With 56 IO stations, it required extensive engineering, software development, planning, and documentation. I am proud of the team effort and the successful collaboration with Color Line, our partner Remontowa and especially the crew.”

The logistical challenges were particularly noteworthy, given the need to plan for a complete fibre system. The teamwork demonstrated during the retrofit, even with the complexities involved, highlighted the dedication of the team, the company said.

Ståle Korsmo, Color Line Marine Electrical Superintendent, said, ” We are very happy with the outstanding work accomplished by Høglund. Høglund’s expertise has significantly contributed to the ship’s modernisation.”

Color Line Marine also praised the efficiency of the retrofit process, acknowledging Høglund’s role in simplifying data collection to shore and contributing to their digitalisation efforts.

‘Color Fantasy’, with a pax capacity of 2,800 and a crew of 250, offers a wide range of amenities on board, including multiple restaurants, bars, a spa, a fitness centre, and a casino.

She currently operates between Oslo and Kiel.