Hirtshals’ expansion project gets a boost

2024-01-13T13:00:17+00:00 January 13th, 2024|Ports|

The Danish port of Hirtshals is one step closer to realising its expansion programme with an EU tender of around DKK1 bill.

The expansion project aims to significantly improve the navigation conditions and optimise the port’s facilities, allowing even more space for green energy projects.

The EU tender was recently announced for the construction work with a total budget of around DKK1 bill.

This project is aimed at partly improving the navigation conditions, allowing larger ships to berth at the port in harsher weather conditions and partly to establish marshalling and industrial areas on the port premises.

”With this tender, we take yet another significant step towards realising the port expansion, expected to be completed in 2027. It once again emphasises the substantial development of Port of Hirtshals, which is intended to support the port’s crucial role as a central traffic hub between Norway and Europe and as a key player in the green transition, where both the port’s facilities and navigational conditions will be crucial for the green transformation, said CEO, Per Holm Nørgaard.

”Together with the recent grant of DKK109 mill to the Greenport Scandinavia consortium, working on establishing Northern Europe’s largest hub for the storage and shipment of CO2, right here in Hirtshals, we are well on our way to realising our green ambitions,” he said.

The EU tender for the port expansion is a negotiated tender. This means that, within the first month, a number of companies will be pre-qualified to submit an initial offer, which will then be part of individual negotiations between Port of Hirtshals and the bidders towards the final bid.

The benefits of a negotiated EU tender include the opportunity for the port to obtain the most optimal design for the port expansion, ensuring control over construction costs from the beginning, the port explained.

In addition, engaging in negotiations with the bidder facilitates clarity and agreement on risk elements.

The negotiation process also allows for the clarification of an optimal schedule that accommodates a flexible execution period for the general contractor, meeting the operational requirements of the port.

”The tender is decided based on an assessment of the best balance between price and quality, considering criteria such as carbon footprint and sustainability, technical quality, project management, key personnel, workplace safety, and public and tourist involvement in the project.

“This comprehensive approach provides a 360 deg view of the port expansion and how it can be realised in the best possible way,” explained Niels Kiersgaard, Port of Hirtshals COO.

Port of Hirtshals expects to submit the final bid for approval to the Hjørring City Council no later than Autumn 2024.