Gotland Tech Development formed to develop sustainable solutions

2021-05-14T19:46:23+00:00 May 14th, 2021|Technology|

Last month, Swedish ferry company Rederi AB Gotland  founded a technology development company called Gotland Tech Development.

The new company will drive the development of more sustainable technology solutions and a maritime transport system without CO2 emissions.

Gotland Tech aims to work in partnerships with other companies with a focus on new technology development for maritime industries, but will also look at broader collaborations in the transport, energy and fuel areas.

“With Gotland Tech Development, we take a new step to develop and future-proof Rederi AB Gotland. The new company will be a test bed for sustainable solutions for maritime transport systems and related businesses,” explained Håkan Johansson, Rederi AB Gotland CEO.

Gotland Tech Development will be run by both internal and external resources. Christer Bruzelius, former CEO of Destination Gotland, will be involved on a consultative basis in some of the projects to be run.

This investment is aimed at the accelerating climate change and eventually phase out fossil emissions. Close collaboration with industrial partners will be a key factor in testing new technology solutions and further developing ideas, the company said.