Goltens oversees engine replacement project

2020-09-24T20:08:38+00:00 September 24th, 2020|Technology|

Engineering firm Goltens recently oversaw the installation of two new engines on board an undisclosed Greek ferry.

The 30 year old engines on board were replaced with two new MaK 8M32C diesel main propulsion units.

Welding preparations and rigging were handled by the shipyard personnel, but the owner asked Goltens to help install the engines on their foundations. This included their precision alignment to the gearboxes and chocking of the engines in place.

Goltens prepared a detailed installation and chocking plan for class submittal and deployed a team on site. Upon the team’s arrival, the port engine had already been lowered into position and Goltens proceeded to weld the jacking plates in place and move the engine to set the correct axial alignment distance for the Vulkan coupling.

At the same time, the starboard engine was lowered into position and work on the engines began in parallel.
Once Goltens completed the thermal growth calculations, the team performed laser alignment to move the engines into their final positions. The team then drilled the foundation bolt and fitted bolt holes and welded the prefabricated collision chock brackets in place.

Final alignment checks, including crankshaft deflections, were taken prior to chocking the engine. The damming material was then installed, and the chocking material was poured.

After the chocking compound’s curing, the foundation bolts were installed, the fitted bolt holes were reamed to their final dimension and fitted bolts were final machined and installed.

Once all bolts were fitted, they were tensioned to their specification and the final alignment was confirmed. The team finalised the work with the installation of the Vulkan flexible couplings and fitted the collision chock wedges.
The overall job was successfully completed over a 40-day period by a two-man team of alignment specialists. The installation was inspected and accepted by class.