Germany’s largest maritime rescue drill conducted with TUI’s ‘Mein Schiff 7’

2024-06-28T17:58:42+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Safety|

Local sea rescue forces recently conducted Germany’s largest training exercise to date, utilising TUI Cruises’ latest vessel, ’Mein Schiff 7’.

The 115,000 gt, methanol ready cruise ship, with a crew of around 1,000, served as the focal point for an extensive exercise, which took place off Warnemunde on 15th June.

Local media said that this exercise was the culmination of a series of joint training sessions conducted over recent months by the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies and the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS).

It was specifically aimed at the growing cruise ship sector and the need for enhanced maritime emergency preparedness in Germany.

The exercise revolved around a simulated collision, which rendered the cruise ship unable to manoeuvre, with several crew members designated as casualties.

‘Mein Schiff 7’ reported the incident to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Bremen, indicating that several people were missing. The ship’s crew began providing first aid to the injured. As a result, several response vessels were dispatched to the scene.

The exercise was managed by the emergency command, which deployed a medical team from the Maritime Incident Response Group of the Kiel Fire Department.

The team was transported to the cruise ship by a Federal Police helicopter, which placed them on board using a cable winch. At the same time, the DGzRS co-ordinated an area search on the Baltic Sea for the missing individuals.

One seriously injured person was transferred to a rescue vessel for medical treatment in the ship’s on board hospital.

An emergency towing operation was also executed. The emergency tug ‘Baltic’, stationed permanently in the Baltic, and the multi-purpose vessel ‘Arkona’ of the German Waterways and Shipping Administration were employed. ‘Mein Schiff 7’s’ crew successfully established towing connections with both vessels.

The new cruise ship, delivered earlier this month was said to have been an ideal platform for this critical drill. Organisers deemed the exercise a success, significantly enhancing their readiness for real emergencies.