Geollect helps Carnival return to operations

2020-09-24T20:21:53+00:00 September 24th, 2020|Safety|

Geollect’s situational awareness and asset tracking tools are claimed to be providing the world’s largest cruise line with clarity.

As Carnival Corp’s ships return to sea, the company will be supporting operations with the same tools designed for the Royal Navy and the International Group of P&I Clubs.
Geollect said that its ability to unlock big data will improve global awareness, monitor risk, and assure business continuity for the cruise industry.

On top of a customised vessel tracking and maritime information dashboard, the company will provide extra intelligence resources to help achieve a smooth return to operations for the cruise line brands.
A team of former Royal Navy intelligence experts are working to unlock big datasets to provide simple and clear port and regional assessments and analytical support.

As well as providing highly-trained human analysts, Geollect’s geospatial intelligence software exploits data to offer actionable insights to cruise line operators.

Near real-time vessel tracking and itinerary visualisation are joined with a global intelligence picture and displayed on a clear and intuitive interactive map.

Countries are currently going in and out of lockdown, travel corridors opened and closed, and political instability is causing security concerns in various regions. This – combined climate change, a growing refugee crisis, and overwhelming influx of ‘big data’ – has created a perfect storm of uncertainty, the company explained.