Gasum undertakes first ship-to-ship bunkering in Hamburg

2023-11-16T17:42:50+00:00 November 16th, 2023|Marketing|

Gasum has undertaken its first ship-to-ship (STS) LNG bunkering operation in Hamburg.

On 24th October, LNG was delivered to ‘MSC Euribia’, MSC Cruises’ flagship, which entered service this year and is claimed to be one of the most energy-efficient ships in the industry.

Using LNG allows the ship to reduce emissions, compared to traditional maritime fuels and at her home port during the winter season 2023/2024 of Hamburg, ‘MSC Euribia’ will also use a shore power facility to reduce emissions even further.

“LNG is an important step forward in our ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It is a fuel in transition and poised to make way for carbon-neutral bio-LNG and eventually synthetic LNG that we look forward to using as and when they become available at scale as part of our longer-term de-carbonisation journey”, Linden Coppell, Vice President of Sustainability & ESG, MSC Cruises (pictured), said.

The following day LNG was supplied to Van Oord’s energy hopper dredger ‘VOX Ariane’.

Gasum’s maritime sales team and the crew of the bunkering vessel ‘Coralius’ reported that both operations went very smoothly with ship crews, port authorities, pilots and agents.

“Gasum is happy to support two such great vessels and companies in their goals to reduce emissions from their operations by providing cleaner energy for them. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in making these first ship-to-ship bunkerings in Hamburg a success,” Jacob Granqvist, Gasum’s Vice President, Maritime said.