Finnlines enjoys a passenger renaissance

2024-01-29T17:44:34+00:00 January 29th, 2024|Marketing|

The number of private passengers carried by Finnlines increased by over 17 % in 2023, compared with 2022.

Finnlines also raised its passenger services to a new level when the first of two Superstar-class ropaxes, ‘Finnsirius’, entered service between mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden in mid-September 2023.

The number of passengers, including truck drivers and private passengers, totalled 695,000 last year, a significant increase of 7%. Leisure travel went up by over 17% on Finnlines’ ships in 2023, a major increase compared with the previous year.

The largest growth seen was on the route between mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden, at 49%, followed by the Finland/Germany route, which increased by 11%.

Finnlines’ passenger traffic  entered a new era in September, 2023 when the new ro-pax, ‘Finnsirius’, entered the Naantali/Långnäs/Kapellskär route. She is Finnlines’ flagship and was designed specifically for the fast route between Finland and Sweden.

‘Finnsirius’ offers upgraded services and more travel comfort than the previous generation of ropaxes, the company claimed. The ship has many cabin categories, ranging from basic compact cabins, to cabins which can accommodate six, plus luxury suites.

Passengers have a choice of seven bars and restaurants. There are also conference rooms and lounge facilities, a large duty-free shop, a spa with gym and yoga rooms, activities for children and two outdoor areas for pets.

Large panoramic windows afford views of the magnificent archipelago.

Her sister vessel, ‘’Finncanopus’, was delivered to Finnlines in December and is now heading for Europe.

The original plan was to sail through the Suez Canal, but due to the safety reasons, she will divert around the Cape of Good Hope.

“’Finnsirius’ has been complimented and warmly welcomed by passengers. When ‘Finncanopus’ arrives in February, passengers will have access to the same first-class facilities and services on morning and evening departures. Today we can also offer day trips,” explained Marco Palmu, Head of Finnlines Passenger Services.

“The current Star-class ropax vessel ‘Finnswan’ will be transferred to our route between Sweden and Germany. This way we can improve our passenger services on another important maritime connection,” he added.

In another move, Lasse Wirenius, Finnlines’ Internal Auditor and Group Quality Manager, was appointed to its extended Board of Management, effective 1st January 2024.

Wirenius joined Finnlines in January, 2020 and he has been acting as an Internal Auditor and Group Quality Manager. He reports to the Board Chairman and the President and CEO.

“We welcome Lasse to the Extended Board of Management. He is well familiar with group-wide operations and has worked successfully on our Quality Management System and Internal Control and Governance. Lasse has also created an extensive contact network within and outside Finnlines,“ said Tom Pippingsköld, Finnlines’ President and CEO.