Fincantieri introduces new thrusters

2020-12-12T08:40:03+00:00 December 12th, 2020|Technology|

Fincantieri’s Marine Systems Business Unit has introduced a new family of tunnel thrusters.

The company said that a leading class society validated and certified the results of the hydrodynamic optimisation, confirming that the Fincantieri thrusters reach the lowest levels of vibration and noise available on the market, the company claimed.

A new patented system of tunnel closure elements (thruster shutters) ensures a significant reduction in hull drag and total required propulsion power, with a fuel saving claimed of between 5% and 10%.

The system consists in high transversal thrust performances (optimised hydrodynamic flow), mechanical protection of propeller (assembly designed to act as a grid) and compactness. The design was aimed at low maintenance, allowing the minimal time in drydockings and to carry out maintenance afloat.

The reduced interface guarantees easy attachment to new projects and retrofits on existing tunnels, Fincantieri said.

Furthermore, the shipbuilder said it is able to offer a complete ‘Green Package’ to shipowners, designed for the highest sustainability of best performing and reliable marine equipment.

This includes:
• The high comfort tunnel thruster system which closes while cruising.
• Fin stabilisers for energy saving and environment protection through a patented grease lubrication (for an easy retrofit).
• A heat recovery system dedicated to on board applications.