Fincantieri celebrates 75th vessel built to LR class

2022-03-25T15:17:18+00:00 March 25th, 2022|Technology|

Earlier this year, the ’Discovery Princess was delivered to Lloyd’s Register (LR) class by Fincantieri.

She was the 75th vessel to be built by the Italian shipbuilding group to LR class and at the same time, celebrated the class society’s 150th year in Italy

To mark the occasion, LR Group CEO, Nick Brown, presented a plaque featuring an image of ’Discovery Princess to Giorgio Gomiero, Fincantieri Senior Vice President Operations Merchant Ships Division and Pierluigi Punter, Fincantieri Vice President Engineering & Design Merchant Ships Division in Trieste (pictured).

LR and Fincantieri’s relationship dates back to 1990. Since then, the 75 vessels add up to over 6 mill gt. They have been built for various different owners and carry more than 190,000 passengers.

This year, Fincantieri will deliver another four cruise ships to LR class.

Since the first LR surveyor in Genoa was appointed in 1872, LR has supported Italy to become a global leader in passenger shipbuilding, the class society claimed.

LR and Fincantieri have together achieved numerous notable industry firsts, such as ’Carnival Destiny, delivered in 1996, the first cruise ship of over 100,000 gt – the world’s largest cruise ship at that time. ’Grand Princess also became the largest cruise ship in the world when delivered in 1998.

In addition, LR classed the first dual fuel/LNG ferry to be built in Italy – ’FA Gauthier – delivered by Fincantieri in 2015.

Brown, said: “LR is immensely proud of our long-standing relationship with Fincantieri, as we share a common vision for greater sustainability and the acceleration of digital technologies within complex new construction projects. We are delighted to celebrate this milestone of 75 passenger vessels delivered together in the year that LR marks its 150th anniversary in Italy.”

Gomiero added: “It is a pleasure to celebrate such an important and long-time partnership with Lloyd’s Register, especially in a demanding situation as the one we are experiencing. We are convinced, in fact, that to achieve the ambitious goals we set it is necessary to establish solid and profitable collaborations, based on mutual trust and on the sharing of a vision that is always oriented towards the future and constant improvement.”