‘Explora II’’s interior design revealed

2024-04-29T16:47:39+00:00 April 29th, 2024|Interior Design|

MSC’s luxury lifestyle ocean travel brand Explora Journeys, in partnership with digital design platform Archiproducts, presented the interior design installation ‘AQUA’, curated by Studiopepe, at Milan Design Week 2024 recently.

Visitors experienced the installation at Archiproducts showroom, on Via Tortona 31, Milan, and found themselves on the imaginary deck of ‘Explora II’, furnished with the bespoke sofas of the new Davos collection by Italian manufacturer Unopiù.

This bespoke creation from interior designer Matteo Nunziati will bring distinctive style to the second of Explora Journeys’ fleet of six luxury ships, ‘Explora II’, which is due to start her maiden Journey on 11th August, 2024 from Barcelona, Spain.

A celebration of flexible modular design, the Davos collection is named after the Swiss town whose architecture inspired the furniture’s right-angled shape. Sofas, chaises longues, armchairs and coffee tables are all designed around a lightweight, aluminium structure.

“There were two considerations at the heart of my concept for the Davos collection,” explained Nunziati.

“Firstly, functionality: the design had to provide practical solutions such as versatility and flexibility, as well as cater to the everyday needs that make life enjoyable. And then there’s the more existential dimension of what makes people happy.

“The answer, of course, is pleasure. So, the Davos furniture needed to be beautiful as well as deliver on comfort and durability,” he said.

Reflecting the trend for fluid spaces that flow from indoors to outdoors, the plush upholstery is as stunning indoors as it will look outdoors at the Helios Pool on board ‘Explorer II’.

The organic feel, together with a customised colour palette in Explora Journeys’ signature shade of blue, evokes ocean waves, far horizons, azure skies, and the fluidity of existence, the company said.

This experience continues inside AQUA. Visitors were invited to explore the dynamic nature of water on a sensory journey through a space characterised by curves and soft materials.

To represent the optics created by the way light is chromatically filtered by the ocean, AQUA’s ambient lighting changes from airy aqua-green and pale blue, to ultramarine and electric blue, to deep blue and violet.

The effect is designed to mirror the calming and restorative tranquillity of Explora Journeys’ ship interiors.

“’Explora II’ will be designed to the same exemplary standards of elegance and sophistication demonstrated by our first ship, ‘Explora I’,” said Antonio di Nenno, Explora Journeys Director, Architecture & Design.

“Creating a completely new lifestyle ocean travel brand means redefining luxury at sea in a subtle, intuitive way. Every aspect of the design of our ships has a common purpose: to make guests feel as though they are at home.

“This is relaxed luxury, where each architectural detail is characterised by the same refined simplicity that defines Explora Journeys’ instinctive, thoughtful service,” he claimed.