Eckerö Linjen gains fast broadband link

2019-07-28T11:14:59+00:00 July 28th, 2019|Technology|

Eckerö Linjen attained the fastest broadband on the Sea of Åland when the ropax ‘Eckerö’, operating between Grisslehamn and Åland, received high-speed broadband from Telenor Maritime.

Ferry passengers have come to expect fast broadband, even when at sea. To deliver this service, Eckerö Linjen investigated several solutions to facilitate stable and high-speed Internet connectivity.

With the services from Telenor Maritime, three moving antennas on board ’Eckerö’ and two antennas onshore in Berghamn on Åland and Grisslehamn in Sweden, these provide the high-speed connectivity required for quality internet.

“This installation significantly increases the capacity with its substantial expansion of range and subsequently the coverage. There are no longer any blind spots. Until today, we have had ongoing connection problems when the ship is too far from shore. This is no longer a problem,” explained Kenneth Påvall, IT- Infrastructure Manager at Rederi AB Eckerö. “Thanks to this new technology, you will be able to enjoy streaming services and surf with significant speed and stability. Connecting to the wireless network will continue to be free for all guests on board.”

“We were delighted to develop this solution for Eckerö Linjen, one of the most important ferry companies in the Baltic Sea,” said Lars Erik Lunøe, Telenor Maritime CEO. “This is yet another important step for Telenor Maritime’s service-expansion in Europe, and we are confident that our communications services will substantially enhance the customer experience on route between Sweden and Åland.”

“We are pleased to give our guests the opportunity to be online at all times not to mention how proud we are to be the first ship on the Sea of Åland offering such fast and secure Internet connection,” added Tomas Karlsson, Eckerö Linjen CEO. “The new high-speed broadband conceives opportunities in developing our conference concepts on board with total digital integration.”