‘Diamond Princess’fitted with Silverstream’s air lubrication system

2018-08-30T11:18:08+00:00 August 30th, 2018|Technology|

Carnival Corp has retrofitted the patanted Silverstream System air lubrication technology onto the ‘Diamond Princess’ from its Princess Cruises brand.

The system has been in operation since June, 2017, reducing fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions. It recently completed its final contract trials, which demonstrated that the original performance expectations were exceeded with net efficiency improvements of over 5% at the design service speed, which was verified by Lloyd’s Register.

This project underscores Carnival Corp’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and continues Silversteam’s progress in driving the uptake of credible clean technologies amongst shipowners, the company claimed.

Carnival chose to retrofit the air lubrication system following an analysis of air lubrication technologies and Silverstream’s proven track-record for delivering tangible reductions in fuel costs and emissions, attained through comprehensive sea-trialling and in-operation data analysis.

“Sustainability is a top priority for Carnival Corporation,” said Mike Kaczmarek, Vice President of Corporate Marine Technology for Carnival Corporation.

“Our recent ‘Sustainability Report’, published in 2017, set clear goals for improving the efficiency of our fleet through overall operations and innovative solutions. Retrofitting Silverstream’s air lubrication technology on the ‘Diamond Princess’ is another example of our ongoing efforts to leverage technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions,”he said.

Noah Silberschmidt, Silverstream Technologies CEO, said:“The installation of the Silverstream® System on the ‘Diamond Princess’ once again demonstrates the very real demand for proven clean technologies that are cost-effective, easy to implement and operate, and deliver the efficiency benefits that are claimed.”

“Cruise operators are under increasing pressure from customers and regulators to improve sustainability. Our work with Carnival Corporation and Princess Cruises reflects the growing confidence in our technology,”he added.

In addition, data from installations has shown that noise and vibration emissions are also reduced