DFDS to fit vessel optimisation tools

2020-10-26T18:53:41+00:00 October 26th, 2020|Technology|

DFDS is to introduce a performance platform across its fleet in co-operation with longterm partner GreenSteam.

The platform is aimed at enabling crews to optimise vessel operations in real-time to reduce emissions.

GreenSteam and DFDS have already worked closely together for over five years. The ferry operator has performance optimisations systems installed on 18 vessels thus far.

DFDS recently said that it will reduce emissions by 25-30% by 2030.

The first solution to be rolled out is the dynamic trim optimizer (DTO), which captures high frequency performance data from on board sensors and integrates this with the vessel’s digital model to calculate optimal trim settings that will maximise efficiency.

This technology is claimed to reduce annual fuel consumption by up to 6%.

Following the DTO, GreenSteam will develop and roll out further solutions to reduce fuel consumption, including a reduction in hull fouling and speed optimisation.

Shaun Gray, Executive Chairman, GreenSteam, commented: “This partnership signifies the next step in our work with DFDS to deliver long term and widespread benefits to their operations. Together, we have demonstrated that a dynamic, machine learning-driven approach can support crews to make the most fuel-efficient decisions for any given voyage.

“As DFDS has recognised, reducing emissions doesn’t have to be at the cost of profitability – and in fact, both can be achieved and enhanced with machine-learning driven optimisation of vessel operations. We look forward to continuing to develop our enhanced performance platform to help DFDS continue to lead in environmental standards and drive down bottom-line costs,” he said.

Jacob Pedersen, DFDS’ Head of Projects and Implementation, said, “After trialling and testing GreenSteam over many years, we have been impressed by the reduction in fuel consumption that can be achieved by applying machine learning to optimise even one aspect of vessel operations. service.

“We are committed to driving down our greenhouse gas emissions across the fleet, while continuing to provide our award-winning service. Our partnership with GreenSteam will allow us to identify and cut down on unnecessary fuel consumption across our entire fleet,” he concluded.

The hardware rollout across DFDS’ fleet will start at the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year and is expected to run through into early 2021.

****DFDS has reportedly raised its outlook for 2020 thanks to growing freight volumes.

EBITDA before special items was increased from DKK2.2-2.5 bill to DKK2.5-2.7 bill for this year.

This was due to freight volumes developing more positively than expected in the third quarter. Most of DFDS’ freight networks, both ferries and logistics activities, performed above expectations.

However, the continuing tightening of travel restrictions has reduced the number of passengers in 3Q20 below expectations and activity is expected to remain low in the fourth quarter.

This positive freight development has more than offset the lower performance of passenger activities, DFDS reportedly said, adding that the outlook for freight volumes is expected to remain robust through this quarter.