DFDS addresses future environmental concerns

2021-09-10T22:06:21+00:00 September 10th, 2021|Environment|

To meet its new deadline of 2025 for its ‘Project Green Vessel’, DFDS has formed Sustainable Fleet Projects.

This is a new department set up to de-carbonise the vessels, starting with addressing urgent challenges regarding the development of the inaugural green vessel.

In the autumn, the department’s work will revolve around three key areas: defining whether the vessel should be a newbuilding or retrofit, defining which green fuel the ship should operate on, and deciding where she should be deployed.

Green vessels aren’t enough, DFDS said. When entering ports and harbours, the vessels will need to recharge onshore and this will create new demands on ports and harbours.

The development of this new infrastructure must begin now to be ready for the first green vessels, DFDS stressed.

On 7th September, DFDS hosted a Bunker Workshop and invited ports, authorities, and shipowners to identify and begin discussions on how to bunker alternative fuels in the very near future.

“We must start somewhere – and as fast as possible – if we want to de-carbonise the maritime sector and make a difference in the fight against climate change,” explained Jakob Steffensen, Lead Innovation responsible at DFDS.

For some time, the company has worked on the development of a hydrogen ferry.

The results taken from this project enabled DFDS to accelerate part of its climate strategy related to newbuildings and retrofits, kicking off with the launch of Project Green Vessel 2025 to see the introduction of a ‘green’ vessel by that date.