Cyprus/Greece ferry contract awarded

2022-05-14T10:20:47+00:00 May 14th, 2022|Marketing|

Scandro Holding has been awarded the Cyprus Government contract to restart a passenger ferry link between Cyprus and Greece, after a 21-year absence.


This company is a joint venture between shipmanagement concern, Acheon Akti and tour operator Top Kinisis.

This company was formed with the specific aim of connecting Cyprus and Greece by sea.

Taking into account the anticipated seasonal fluctuations in demand, the Cyprus-flagged ferry, ‘Daleela’, will operate 22 return sailings during the summer period from June to September this year for the duration of the three-year contract.


The trip from Limassol to Piraeus will take 30 hours.

The ropax can carry up to 400 pax – 110 in first class cabins, 110 in second class cabins and 110 in airplane style seats. She can also transport vehicles and features a 300-seat restaurant, café, and medical facilities.

The service will be subsidised by Cyprus state funds, in accordance with the European Union rules governing a Service of General Economic Interest, of €5.475 mill annually for the three-year contract, with a possible extension for a further three years.

On awarding the tender, Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister (pictured), commented: “Scandro Holding was the successful candidate from a number of competitive tenders for this service.


“We are excited about this link, starting very soon, which has been eagerly anticipated by the local community. It will be hugely advantageous to the region as a whole, providing alternative connectivity to our citizens while promoting maritime tourism between Cyprus and continental Europe, with very low fares.

“Cyprus has a strong maritime infrastructure, and this new facility demonstrates our commitment to continuing to build our relationship with the rest of the Mediterranean and beyond. We are currently investigating the potential extension of the link to a third neighbouring country, beyond Greece. This aligns with our long-term maritime strategy which advocates collaboration, and will contribute to a better-connected European region,” he said.

’Daleela’s’ first voyage is planned for 19th June 2022 and the last one this year will operate on 16th September.