CSI brings the ship interior community together online

2021-01-26T20:59:54+00:00 January 26th, 2021|Marketing|

A new subscription-based online platform has been launched by Elite Exhibitions’ Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSI).

Called CSI Plus, this is an exclusive service whereby members can network and receive premium content aimed at the cruise ship interiors community.

CSI claimed that following its launch, over 100 suppliers applied to become members in just a week.

CSI Plus will connect members – industry suppliers and design studios- and VIP members – cruise line and shipyard executives – through an online platform 365 days a year.

The platform will allow both members and VIP members to connect with each other and will also host the industry’s first CSI Plus approved makers list, together with an IMO & Certification Zone, which is aimed at helping new suppliers enter the market.

CSI Plus will also enable subscribers to tune into a new webinar series, Cruise Conversations, as well as in-depth interviews with industry leaders and topic-specific round table discussions.

The company has increased its portfolio to include a virtual event, CSI & CSH Online, as well as launching the cruise interiors-focused webinar series, Cruise Conversations.

CEO, Toby Walters (pictured), said, ‘We have learnt a lot from our successful inaugural events – CSI and CSIE – that the cruise interiors community really needs a focused, niche service that connects buyers and suppliers. Given this, we are really excited about the potential of CSI Plus.

“We will be able to bring the impact of a one- or two-day event to our clients year-round. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for the cruise interiors community to stay connected,” he said.

Founded by Elite Exhibitions during the COVID-19 global restrictions, CSI Plus aims to bring the impact of an in-person event to the cruise industry, year-round, the company explained.

Elite Exhibitions’ CSI is the organiser of Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI) and Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe (CSIE).