Cruise ship bunkers at Hambantota

2021-08-12T17:56:28+00:00 August 12th, 2021|Marketing|

‘Navigator of the Seas’, under the local agency of Prudential Shipping, called at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota International Port (HIP) for bunkers recently.

This vessel was the first passenger ship to arrive at the port since the outbreak of the pandemic.

She was sailing from the Suez Canal to Yeosu, South Korea with a crew of 217, who were not allowed to disembark at Hambantota, due to the Covid protocols.

The cruise ship was not carrying any passengers.

Tissa Wickramasinghe, HIPG COO told local media that the port has already launched the wholesale supply of marine bunker fuels.

“In order to further develop HIP as a competitive marine bunker supply location, we entered into a strategic partnership with Sinopec Fuel Oil Lanka Limited (SFOL) to provide bunkering services as a wholesale exporter and also service vessels calling HIP as a value added service.

“Sinopec with their vast resources guarantees the supply of VLSFO in Hambantota currently and MGO in the near future, enabling the port to service all vessels plying the principal sea route in the Indian Ocean,” he said.