opts for MariaDB SkySQL cloud database and SkyDBA

2022-10-13T17:17:38+00:00 October 13th, 2022|Technology|, a UK-based online cruise travel agent, has selected MariaDB SkySQL as its fully managed cloud database service.

With SkySQL, will gain large benefits with seamless migration and faster performance, the company claimed.

Furthermore, SkyDBAs serve as personal consultants for 24/7 proactive, expert care of databases, enabling to reduce costs and focus on their customers. links people from all over the world offering cruise deals, news and reviews. “We operate at an enterprise level with high amounts of business critical data,” said Matt Mills, IT director, (pictured).

“There were increased concerns around disaster recovery and risk management. It was time to migrate to the cloud and we wanted to stay with MariaDB. We evaluated other DBaaS options during our search, but we ultimately chose SkySQL because of the value we get with MariaDB SkyDBA.

“Having the ability to tap into senior DBAs was the driving factor for our decision. No other product was comparable, particularly for an SMB like us that doesn’t have infinite DBA resources in-house,” he said. will gain personal consultants with SkyDBA. Being at a fraction of the cost, SkyDBAs are right for organisations that do not have database expert staff, it said.

The automation with SkySQL, coupled with the database support of SkyDBA, will enable to focus more of its resources on evolving and developing new product offerings.

With SkyDBA, receives day-to-day operational help and has access to a team of experts able to solve any challenge.

“With SkyDBAs on hand, our production migration was a simple process that took us only a few minutes; it was very smooth and completely hassle-free,” Mills added. “Our SkyDBAs have done an excellent job at suggesting options and making changes to our setup that optimises our operations and performance.

“We saw an average page load improvement of around 30%, and with some specific slow pages it improved by over 400%. During an unfortunate data centre outage, our SkyDBA team quickly put a plan in place to get us up in a new region.

“We would never have had that level of problem-solving and action with any other vendor. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to have SkySQL with SkyDBA to support our business,” he concluded.

SkySQL is MariaDB’s fully managed cloud database service. As a push-button solution, it manages everything from provisioning the cloud infrastructure to installing and deploying the database, configuring the database for production environments, and automating failover.

It is capable of scaling out a single database to hundreds of nodes with ease using distributed SQL and can deploy modern data warehouses for ad hoc analytics on massive data sets to meet enterprise demands – all while saving customers up to 90% of their legacy database costs, the company claimed.