Cruise Baltic updates shore power connection listing

2023-06-30T16:45:25+00:00 June 30th, 2023|Environment|

Cruise Baltic is to release an updated overview of onshore power supply availability in the Baltic Region.

The research was undertaken in co-operation with Cruise Europe and Cruise Britain and will update the overview published last year.

As a part of this work, Cruise Baltic shared knowledge with Cruise Europe and Cruise Britain and worked actively to align the databases with both cruise networks.

The new version of the onshore power supply (OPS) overview aims to increase user-friendliness and is easy to access directly from the front-page of Details have also been updated, such as OPS connectivity, power and fees charged.

”Having a tool like the OPS overview allows us to plan itineraries based on available onshore power supply more sufficiently. With this new update it will become even easier for our itinerary planners to find the relevant information and plan sustainably.

“Although we still need more ports to install shore power systems, an overview like this is a great support for the cruise industry’s green transition and helps us in meeting our guests’ demands for a more sustainable vacation,” said Marcus Puttich, Director Destinations, TUI Cruises.

OPS contributes to the local environmental improvements in and near the ports. By minimising the release of detrimental NOx, SOx, and particulate matter, which are linked to air pollution, reducing noise and vibration, OPS helps improve air quality and the overall well-being of surrounding areas.

”With the update of the onshore power supply overview on our website, we hope to continue to encourage cruise lines to take the next steps towards a greener cruise industry and encourage the installation of shore power in our region.

“With a wide-ranging and up-to-date information on OPS, we make it easier for cruise lines to embrace sustainable practices and use the available facilities. We are proud to contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future,” said Klaus Bondam, Cruise Baltic Director.

Ports that already have OPS installed in the Baltic Sea region include Kiel and Rostock in Germany, Kristiansand in Norway and Aarhus in Denmark. Later this year, Stockholm in Sweden will also be ready with shore power to be followed by Copenhagen, Denmark in 2025.

It is estimated that nine to 14 ports will be shore power ready by 2030. So far, about 40% of the world’s cruise fleet is fitted with shore power connections, while 75% is expected to be shore power ready by 2030.

Cruise Baltic was founded in 2004 and is a B2B network of 32 cruise ports in the Baltic Sea region aiming to promote the region to cruise lines and travel agents.