Costa starts La Spezia cruise ship operations management

2018-04-15T06:33:30+00:00 April 15th, 2018|Ports|

When ‘Costa Victoria’ called at La Spezia, Costa Crociere officially launched its cruise service at the port.

In March, 2018, the Italian cruise company was awarded a tender by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea for the concession of the land and cruise services at La Spezia.

The duration of the contract is for six months, extendable to 10.

As stipulated in the tender safeguard clause, Costa Crociere is recruiting staff previously employed in managing the service, and is using local operators and suppliers for its own needs.

“In our 70th anniversary year, we are very pleased to be able to further strengthen our presence in our home of Liguria,” said Neil Palomba, Costa Cruises General Manager, adding, “La Spezia is a port that we are looking at with great interest for the future, also because of the new cruise terminal that will be built there. With regard to this matter, we hope that the plan will be shared with Costa Crociere, since we expect a substantial increase in the number of calls. In 2019 we will be moving two new flagships to La Spezia: ‘Costa Smeralda’ and ‘AIDAnova’ from our German brand, AIDA Cruises.”

Carla Roncallo, President of the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea announced: “This new cruise season has begun with Costa Cruises service management, with them having been awarded the tender that we have announced for the 2018 season. In the coming weeks, we will be launching the project financing tenders that will allow us to stabilise our service and will help us to further develop this important sector of our port over the coming years.”

“The Costa Crociere company needs no introduction, it will certainly be able to carry out the task it has been awarded to the highest standards. I now expect the co-operation of all those who really care about this business. We really want to work with the local representatives and all the players in the sector to further increase the benefits that cruise activities have already brought and are still bringing to this city.”

This year, Costa ships will make 20 calls at La Spezia, equal to about 60,000 passengers. In addition to the ‘Costa Victoria’ (75,000 gt /2,394 pax), which will arrive every Monday until 21st May, from 16th September to 21st November, every Sunday, it will be ‘Costa Magica’s’ turn (103,000 gt/ 3,470 pax).

A further increase in cruise traffic at La Spezia will come from Aida Cruises, the German Costa Group company, which will make five calls, for about 11,000 passengers handled. Substantial growth is expected in 2019, as the Costa Group will guarantee 49 calls, equal to 255,000 passengers handled. Costa Cruises will make 21 calls, but the number of passengers will increase to 80,000, thanks to the use of larger ships