Corsica Linea opts for BOOKIT

2022-01-27T17:08:14+00:00 January 27th, 2022|Technology|

Following an evaluation process during the first half of 2021, Swedish-based Hogia Ferry Systems signed an agreement with the French-Corsican ferry operator Corsica Linea to install the standard reservation and check-in system BOOKIT.

One of France’s major ferry operators, Corsica Linea was founded in 2016.

The company’s ferries serve the ports of Ajaccio, Bastia, Porto-Vecchio and L’lle-Rousse on the island of Corsica from Marseille on a daily basis and on weekly schedule, they also call at Algiers and Tunis from Marseille.

Corsica Linea’s fleet currently consists of eight ferries, plus one newbuilding to be delivered this year.

”We are delighted with having secured this contract! We have been successful in strengthening our position in the Mediterranean area during the last few years and we are very proud and honoured that Corsica Linea have joined our BOOKIT family.

“The project has already started, and we are well on the path for a close and long-term co-operation. I am confident that BOOKIT will fulfil Corsica Linea’s business needs,” said Niclas Blomstrom, Hogia Ferry Systems’ Managing Director.

”We wanted to modernise our reservation and check-in system, making sure that we have a future proof standard system platform. As Hogia Ferry Systems’ product, BOOKIT is used already today by other ferry companies in and around the Mediterranean, we knew of them and their capabilities from before.

“After reviewing Hogia’s replies in our evaluation process, seeing the system live at fellow ferry operators and through our discussions with their team, we felt confident that Hogia will be the right long-term partner for Corsica Linea,” added Régis Verlaine, Corsica Linea CIO.

Corsica Linea is the fourth Mediterranean ferry operator to use BOOKIT.