Comprehensive GalleyCare plan for cruise ships launched

2023-03-30T16:59:53+00:00 March 30th, 2023|Technology|

Welbilt Marine has launched GalleyCare to support, service, repair (inclusive of parts), and monitor a customer’s galley catering equipment.

This all-encompassing package is designed to ensure that with regular maintenance, galleys work as smoothly as possible, helping to reduce equipment downtime and enabling maximum lifespan.

Alexis Bourgault, Welbilt’s Director of Global Strategic Account said: “With galley staff having thousands of people relying on them life is hectic enough without the added inconvenience of equipment breakdowns. Without proper maintenance even the very best equipment can become inefficient, that’s why Welbilt has created GalleyCare to help ensure prevention of issues before they arise and to support cruise operations in the long term.

“With our annual plan, cruise operators can benefit from Welbilt experts using original OEM parts to maintain your galley equipment, allowing for a longer lifespan and reduced downtime,” he said.

The GalleyCare package includes:

  • remote support worldwide through telephone or email
  • assessment and monitoring of fleet equipment throughout its lifetime
  • a maintenance package, including on board maintenance and the latest software updates
  • dedicated responsive and comprehensive repair service should the unexpected happen
  • supply and fit of original OEM parts guaranteed.

In addition, Welbilt GalleyCare will provide crew training to ensure they have the right level of technical and culinary knowledge, whilst providing the option of face to face meetings or video links, as necessary.

Nicolas Lesbats, Global Marine After Sales Manager at Welbilt added: “Not only does Welbilt have the right hands on-deck to provide physical support for your machines, the GalleyCare plan also provides extra training for your staff on the correct way to use and maintain your equipment.

“Through the continual monitoring of your equipment and providing the latest equipment software updates, we will be able to keep costs low and performance high,” he said.

Welbilt GalleyCare covers a portfolio of proprietary brands, including Cleveland, Convotherm, Crystal Tips, Delfield, Frymaster, INDUCS, Merco, Merrychef, Multiplex, WMaxx, Ambach and Egro.