CGI wins Meyer Werft IT upgrade

2018-04-15T06:37:56+00:00 April 15th, 2018|Technology|

CGI has announced that German shipbuilder Meyer Werft has awarded CGI an IT upgrading contract to help advance the shipbuilder’s global growth strategy.

CGI’s work will support the shipyard in expanding its business through modernisation on both the production and IT sides, as well as through ongoing digitalisation.

“Our partnership with CGI is the cornerstone of our IT strategy, supporting not only IT-related work, but also investments in plant and machinery and laying the foundation for future digitalisation projects,” said Dr Paul Meyer, Meyer Werft CIO. “CGI will support us technologically in building a modern infrastructure for our new systems, as well as ensuring the business continuity of our legacy systems, which to a large extent still run the business.”

As part of its work, CGI will make use of its automation tools to drive efficiency and reliability, providing a stable and flexible platform for future operations. The new agreement with Meyer Werft also offers CGI the opportunity to expand its work through additional projects.

CGI said it will work closely with the shipbuilder in Germany, Finland and worldwide to deliver a seamless service.

“CGI’s local industry expertise, combined with our global insight, puts us in a great position to assist Meyer Werft in fulfilling its long-term strategy,” explained CGI’s Torsten Strass, Germany Senior Vice President. “We look forward to supporting Meyer Werft in its transformation programme.”