CDC allows US crew disembarkations through commercial travel

2020-06-27T06:04:50+00:00 June 27th, 2020|Safety|

In a note on its website, the US Centres Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that it will allow crew members to disembark from all cruise ships in US waters with certain precautions.

Cruise lines with complete and accurate response plans will be able to use commercial travel to disembark crew members from certain ships, if there has been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 or COVID-like illnesses on board within the last 28 days. The ships were also able to lessen certain social distancing restrictions on board.

Cruise lines with complete and accurate response plans under the ‘No Sail Order’ but not meeting the above criteria will still be able to disembark their crew members using non-commercial travel.

Cruise ship operators must have measures in place to ensure those involved in transport are not exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 and follow all CDC requirements to prevent interaction of disembarking crew with the public – see website for further details.