USCG addresses shipboard medical facilities

In April, the US Coast Guards Cruise Ship National Centre of Expertise (NCOE) provided information to cruise ship owners and operators regarding new requirements established with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021. In short, the USCG said that [Read more...]

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Interferry backs EU certificate

Global trade association Interferry, which represents ferry operators worldwide, has welcomed European Union (EU) plans for a voluntary Digital Green Certificate (DGC) to facilitate safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interferry has urged other countries to consider something similar for international travel in time for [Read more...]

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Police investigate ‘Ruby Princess’ actions

The New South Wales (NSW) police is investigating the circumstances surrounding the docking and disembarkation of passengers from the ‘Ruby Princess’ at Sydney last month. After being tasked by the NSW Premier to conduct initial investigations, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller announced last week that [Read more...]

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