Carnival’s Bahamian Technology centre opens in Freeport

2017-10-26T12:57:45+00:00 October 26th, 2017|Technology|

Carnival Corp has opened another technology centre in Freeport, Bahamas.

Carnival’s Experience Configuration Centre is located in the Freeport Ship Services building on Peel Street.

Eight Bahamians were initially hired as IT/electronic technicians.

Carnival Corp has launched the Ocean Medallion project, which is the first wearable device that enables a personal digital concierge by bridging the physical and digital worlds to deliver a new level of personalised services.

The Bahamians hired will be trained to assist with programming and installing the Ocean medallion systems on board Carnival’s fleet.

John Padgett (pictured), Carnival’s chief experience and innovation officer, said all the technical equipment that comes from around the world – the hardware, switches, computing devices, sensors – will be sent to the Excellence Configuration Centre in Freeport to be configured and staged to be fitted on board the ships at the Grand Bahama shipyard  in Freeport, as well as other shipyards worldwide.