Carnival turns to Neuron for connectivity

2023-12-14T22:21:38+00:00 December 14th, 2023|Technology|

Neuron, formerly known as ESpace Networks, has partnered with Carnival Corp to accelerate on board connectivity across the global fleet.

The company is using Neuron’s vendor-neutral connectivity management platform to further increase operational efficiencies and reliable internet access on its ships.

With Neuron, Carnival Corp ensures that its guests and team members can take advantage of the best available connectivity, regardless of service provider, it was claimed.

Neuron’s platform further advances Carnival Corp’s focus on providing its guests and crew with even faster connectivity for browsing, social media, streaming, staying in touch with family and friends, and more.

At the same time, with remote work, the company wants to ensure its guests can continue to confidently rely on its fleet’s Wi-Fi, anywhere in the world.

Carnival deployed Neuron 360, a business intelligence solution that provides an end-to-end view of its connectivity operations and real-time data to pro-actively pinpoint issues and opportunities.

In addition, it utilised Neuron Grid for advanced connectivity management, including multi-vendor integrations and AI-powered traffic routing.

“We want to continue providing the best available connection at sea and our partnership with Neuron allows us to have full visibility and control over our connectivity,” said Paul Marsh, Carnival Corp’s Director, Global Connectivity and Destination Technology.

“By investing in new and emerging technologies, we can push the boundaries of connectivity innovation with a fresh approach that will accelerate the future of connected cruising and transform the guest experience,” he said.

With the Neuron platform, Carnival Corp is able to:

*Expand its portfolio of connectivity services, including the adoption of emerging technology to further advance its fleetwide connectivity ecosystem;

*Ensure the best possible coverage and reliability, even in the most exotic destinations;

*Eliminate manual traffic policies, using AI to dynamically route applications over the right network at the right time for higher quality performance;

*More quickly identify and resolve technical issues, such as issues between satellites and access points, and analyse trends over time to prevent future issues;

*Get clearer visibility into bandwidth consumption and better tools to optimise usage.

“For things that move, like cruise ships, seamless connectivity is a uniquely tough challenge to solve,” said Benny Retnamony, Neuron’s founder & CEO.

“In partnership with Neuron, Carnival Corporation has demonstrated that with the right data and technologies at their fingertips, they can drive more flexible and agile connectivity operations – and as a result, make connectivity experiences even better for their guests and crew, at all times, in all places.”